Evaluation of cross-cutting principles of International Development Cooperation

Name:Evaluation of cross-cutting principles of International Development Cooperation
Recipient:INESAN, s.r.o.
Researcher:Jana Garay M.A.
Co-researchers:Ing. Mgr. Jiří Remr, Ph.D., MBA
Ing. Otakar Ďurďa
Grantor:Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
Project period:01/2016–12/2017
Project description:The goal of the two-year project was the development of a certified methodology for evaluation of crosscutting themes in the international development cooperation, namely good governance, human rights, gender equality & women/girl empowerment and environmental sustainability. The project reacted to highly diverse approaches applied to the evaluation of the crosscutting themes up to that point and aimed to unify and standardize them. A secondary objective was to emphasize the importance of these issues and provide tools and leads to reflect them in the whole development project cycle. The final methodology provides a thorough guidelines on how to proceed with the evaluation of these complex themes, as well as a comprehensive menu of more than 500 output and outcome indicators mapping distinct dimensions of each crosscutting themes in both qualitative and quantitative aspects.
Main Result:Certified Methodology – Manual
Certified Methodology – Scoring sheet for Evaluation
Certified Methodology – Environment Indicator fiches
Certified Methodology – Government Indicator fiches
Certified Methodology – Gender Indicator fiches
Certified Methodology – Human Rights Indicator fiches
Certified Methodology – Cross-cutting themes matrix
Other Results:Workshop
The workshop presented the process of evaluating cross-cutting themes in development cooperation using the newly developed Methodology for evaluation of cross-cutting themes. Workshop participants were presented with the definition of the themes, their operationalization and possible ways of evaluation in the development context. The second part of the workshop was dedicated to the practical application of the methodology, participants were provided with the opportunity to use the methodology on a specific case study.

The poster graphically represents basic facts about the Methodology, its purpose, each of the cross-cutting themes, the basic components of the Methodology, etc.  It also contains specific examples of working with the scoring sheet and shows a sample view of the standardized output of the evaluation.