Social analyses which we deal with are focused on societal issues within the identified priority thematic areas. INESANs’ analyses usually include a whole set of interrelated research activities; this distinguishes social analyses from ordinary research. As part of the implementation of social analyses, INESAN employees focus on examining the mutual interaction of a selected problem and its social context, which allows the analysed problems to be described and evaluated in detail.

Research means INESAN's own activities in basic, applied, experimental and contract research. Researchers develop their research activities in defined thematic areas and carry out specific research projects supported by operational programmes and grant agencies.

Basic and applied research

INESAN's basic research activities are carried out in four thematic areas in which researchers investigate selected social phenomena. INESAN seeks to elucidate the causes and the intrinsic nature of the phenomena under study, with the aim of enriching existing knowledge with new and unique findings and of disseminating the knowledge base to the professional and lay public.

Applied research projects are mainly focused on the application of theoretical knowledge in practice. Similarly to basic research, this is systematic theoretical and experimental work, but with the difference that applied research projects are aimed at making this knowledge directly usable in specific decision-making situations. INESAN focuses in this area on the development of methodologies that enable the achievement of the set objectives in a standardised and proven way. The methodologies that INESAN prepares are developed with an emphasis on ways (methods, models) of investigating specific areas. INESAN also produces specialised maps with expert content, presenting regionally differentiated observations and findings on the topics under study. In the case of applied research, it also develops software applications suitable for evaluating selected activities or interventions.

For further information on how to get involved in our basic and applied research, please contact individual staff members in the CONTACTS section.

Contract research

INESAN carries out contract research, which includes services for both the commercial sector and public institutions, and is always carried out on the basis of a specific order for a specific client. It is carried out by INESAN's experienced researchers, using their many years of experience and knowledge. Cooperation with experts from various research fields enables INESAN to respond flexibly to the requirements of the client and to understand their needs. The results of contract research are always the exclusive property of the client.

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Expertise, expert studies, consultancy

INESAN also prepares expert opinions and studies of projects/programmes, prepares conceptual and methodological documents, prepares already implemented projects/programmes, prepares analyses leading to the evaluation of the impact of specific activities on selected target groups, prepares data analyses and establishes conclusions and recommendations.

Another activity provided by INESAN is the preparation of tender documentation (ToR). It helps the contracting authorities to formulate specific questions and requirements regarding the preparation of evaluation projects or tender documentation.