Social, health and care issues

11. 2. 2021

Intelligent Senior Care System (TL03000611)

The goal of this project is to create a new service for senior citizens enabling them to stay in domestic environment and lead an active life for long. The service will ease their fear of any complications in case of a hazardous situation (e.g. fall).
4. 2. 2021

Detection system of elder abuse and neglect (VI04000088)

Proposed project aims to create a software application that will allow to measure the risk level of elderly abuse and neglect....
15. 12. 2020

Consequences of aging of the population for the need of long-term care – the possibility of projecting innovative ideas from abroad into Czech practice

The aim of the project is to identify the key issues that hinder the development of long-term care for the elderly and the disabled people at home.
15. 12. 2020

More efficient mobile hospice care in Czechia (TL02000101)

The main intention of the project is to improve work efficiency and coordination of multidisciplinary team of mobile hospice care staff (CS).
15. 12. 2020

Attitudes of Czech Inhabitants towards Education and Retraining (CZ.6.04.2013.221.007)

The main objective of the whole project is to identify and describe the reasons for further education and for the use of training and retraining courses.
15. 12. 2020

Attitudes of Czech Inhabitants towards the Employment of Elderly (CZ.6.01.2013.221.003)

The main objective of the whole project is the identification and characterization of the attitudes of inhabitants of the Czech Republic towards the employment of people older than 50 years of age.
15. 12. 2020

Health Consciousness of Czech Inhabitants (CZ.6.02.2014.221.021)

he primary goal of the project is to assess the influence of selected social conditions contributing towards the Czech citizens’ active interest in their own health and determine the principal factors influencing the concerns about one’s own health, the citizens’ awareness of health support programmes and the conscious individuals’ ability to influence their social environment with their attitudes.
9. 10. 2020

Back to the wheel – Diagnostic and rehabilitative tool for persons after the brain damage (TJ02000036)

The goal of this project is to create a manual for driver´s rehabilitation by means of a driving simulator and diagnostic and training device extending the functions of the simulator. By using the developed device and methodology, people after the brain injury will be able to acquire the driving skills again.