TL02000101: More efficient mobile hospice care in Czechia

Name:More efficient mobile hospice care in Czechia
Registration number:TL02000101
Project description:The main intention of the project is to improve work efficiency and coordination of multidisciplinary team of mobile hospice care staff (CS). All this will be allowed by software platform, based on CS needs analysis. The software will simplify work of CS by providing all relevant information in one place, easily searchable and interconnected. The other software component will be a service planner linked to other items needed for service performance of CS. This planner will provide individual plan related to a given hospice client assigned to specific CS. The software will also include records of utilities, medicines, and other things needed to perform the service (for example, cars). The software will be available on the web interface after entering the login information.
Recipient:INESAN, s.r.o.
Granter:Technologická agentura ČR
Main researcher:Mgr. Petra Ponocná
Co-researchers:Ing. Mgr. Jiří Remr, Ph.D. MBA
Mgr. Kristýna Bernášková
Ing. Otakar Ďurda
Mgr. Martin Kupka, Ph.D.
Project period:01/2019 – 06/2021
Project Outputs/Outcomessoftware (type R); research report (Vsouhrn)
Other Outpucts/Outcomes: Questionaire for senior needs identification (O) – 2019
Záznamový arch pro data získaná z kvalitativních šetření(O) – 2019
Dataset (O) – 2019
Research report (O) – 2019
Manual (O) – 2020
Workshop(O) – 2021
Workshop (O) -2021