TL03000611: Intelligent senior care system

Project name:  Intelligent senior care system
Project ID: TL03000611
Project descripitonThe goal of this project is to create a new service for senior citizens enabling them to stay in domestic environment and lead an active life for long. The service will ease their fear of any complications in case of a hazardous situation (e.g. fall). The service will enable to monitor the senior’s condition through a wristband connected to a mobile application. This application will contain an algorithm of hazardous situations detecting changes in the client’s condition (in case of their fall or change in the state of health). The application will thus simplify the care thanks to timely informing on hazardous situations. In addition to informal carers, the application will be connected to the local field service and/or the Police in order to ensure the solving of a possible hazardous condition. Project results will be created on the basis of the identification of needs of senior citizens, carers and social services.
Recipient INESAN, s.r.o.
Co-recipients: České vysoké učení technické v Praze
DelpSys, s.r.o.
Grantor: Technologická agentura ČR
Researcher: Mgr. Kristýna Bernášková
Co-researchers: doc. Ing. Patrik Kutílek M. Sc., Ph.D.
  Mgr. Jakub Žákavec MBA
Project period 04/2020–03/2023
Planned results: Application PEPA – Professional electronic permanent assistant for communication between the bracelet wearer and caregivers
Algorithm for evaluating the risk of situations
Communication protocol
The needs of seniors, carers and field service providers in terms of ICT
Service JOSEF
Achieved results: Potřeby seniorů, pečujících a poskytovatelů terénních služeb z hlediska ICT