TD03000156: Preferences of seniors and their real economic situation compared to activities of municipalities within the active ageing programme

Within this project, INESAN conducted a survey in the form of a subcontract for the project implementor, i.e. the Research Institute for labour and Social Affairs. The project was conducted with the financial support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Activation of senior citizens has been currently considered one of the possible ways of prevention of social exclusion of seniors. In order to make the activation effective, it is neccessary to evaluate the situation of senior citizens within several areas.

The goal of the project was to collect and evaluate data, which will enable to create recommendations for the improvement of conditions for the development of active ageing with regard to the economic situation of senior citizens.  The final report on the project served as a manual for social divisions of selected municipalities.

The project was based on the quantity research, which was conducted in Prague and Ostrava in May and June 2016 among non-working senior citizens receiving a pension. The empirical research was focused on the evaluation of five areas of life with regard to the active involvement of senior citizens in all of these areas. Primarily, the economical situation of households was evaluated, as the financial security of respondents has an indisputable impact on the activities they will engage in, and on whether they will be able to pursue them in connection with the subjective evaluation of the economic situation. The social environment of respondents focusing on the fact whom senior citizens spend their free time with was another target area of the research. The analysis of the health situation of households included both subjective evaluation of the state of health of the respondents and the health activities performed by them. The last areas of the research were the value attitudes of the respondents and leisure time. Within the leisure time, among other things, the interest of seniors in leisure events was examined.