TD020330: Selected aspects of senior care regarding social integration

Within this project, INESAN conducted a survey in the form of a subcontract for the project implementor, i.e. the Research Institute for labour and Social Affairs. The project was conducted with the financial support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

The goal of the survey was to obtain detailed information about possible integration of pre-senior people (i.e. at the age of 55–64 years) and senior people (i.e. at the age of 65 and over) in order to identify and formulate recommendations for the improvement of conditions for ensuring independent life of those people.

The survey was focused on the description of objective characteristics, which include the current living conditions of pre-senior and senior citizens, and the estimation of requirements for successful integration of those people. Within the research, attitudes of respondents to the integratin and its possible forms were analysed in detail. Last but not least, the research dealt with preferences of pre-senior and senior citizens in relation of the use of services that can increase the quality of life. Thematically, the research examined five main areas, namely the economic situation of households, their social environment, health situation, used and preferred social services and hazardous phenomena contributing to social exclusion.

The main findings from the aforesaid five areas were processed into several short articles summarising the most important areas of the research interest. As presented earlier, seniors were asked for assessment of the economic situation of their household as the financial means represent an important factor for their self-sufficiency and independence. The nearest social environment and the importance of building the mutual relationship is no less important for a senior. The next one from the series of articles thus brings information about the importance of respecting the wishes and opinions of senior citizens (TODO) by people from their nearest surroundings. The state of health is a key area for the senior people too. Attention was paid to the self-assessment of the state of health (TODO) by a senior. Social services represent the area, which plays an important role in the issue of social integration. Within the research, the use of services focused both on leisure activities and on services related to medical activities was monitored. The leisure activities most frequently used by senior citizens (TODO) are thus discussed by one of the articles. Interest and use of social services (TODO) was monitored not only acording to the definition in Act No. 108/2006 Sb., on social services, but also within other services not covered by this law. The last area included hazardous life situations (TODO), which contribute to the social exclusion of senior citizens. The article represents six identified hazardous factors, which can contribute to the social exclusion of senior citizens significantly.

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