Evaluation of the “Supporting the Professional Training of Employees” project

Project registration number: CZ.1.04/1.1.00/C3.00001

The project was ordered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Execution term: August–November 2015

The scope of the project included final evaluation of real impacts of the Supporting the professional training of employees project on individuals, on the employees’ training system, and on the total employment rate. The main goal of the evaluation was to assess the process of improving the competence and professional knowledge and skills of employees and self-employed persons within the project.

The project was co-funded from the ESF within the Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme.

The “Supporting the Professional Training of Employees” project was a follow-up to the series of projects, which had been executed in the Czech Republic since 2009 with the goal of supporting the professional training of employees. It was a direct follow-up to the “Study for Growth” project, which had proved successful as one of the tools of supporting further education in the Czech Republic and strengthening the competitive strength of labour in the Czech labour market. The project focused primarily on the training of employees of those employers and/or on the training of self-employed persons, who have a steady position in the market despite the negative development of the economy, with possible transition to growth.

The evaluation was thus aimed to evaluate the process of improving professional knowledge and skills of employees (and/or self-employed persons), its real impacts and identification of recommendations for the improvement of the execution of follow-up projects in the Operational Programme Employment.  All of that with regard to the defined goals of the project, monitoring the effect of the impact on an individual, and overall impacts on the employees’ training system and overall employment/unemployment rate.

Within the evaluation, a final evaluation report (including four separate schedules) was drawn up and an information leaflet containing the main findings from the survey among the participants in the project was created. Also, the conference paper presented at the final conference of the “Supporting the Professional Training of Employees” project held on 11 November 2015 on the premises of the Step hotel. And last but not least, a workshop for users of evaluation results.