Engagement of the Czech population in public events (CZ.6.05.2013.221.006)

Attitudes of inhabitants to engagement in public events are undoubtedly one of the main topics perceived by the Czech inhabitants in connection with the activity of representatives of their community/town. In February 2014, INESAN (the Institute for Evaluations and Social Analyses) conducted a survey called “Engagement of the Czech population in Public Events”, which examined the attitudes of the public to the issue of engagement of inhabitants in public events.

The first outcomes of the survey include short articles bringing selected results. In the first article, attention was paid to the participation of the Czech population in public events. The article brings information about the level of participation of the inhabitants in public events, and about the type of participation preferred by them. The next article dealt with the interest of Czech inhabitants in participating in the making of decisions on problems in the place of residence including identification of problems the inhabitants wish to solve and thus participate in public events. In the next article, attention was paid to the life satisfaction of Czech inhabitants and/or to how Czech inhabitants are satisfied with their own life in the place of residence and what affects that. Last but not least, the survey focused on the ways how problems are solved by Czech inhabitants in their place of residence. The article brings information about the most frequent methods used by the inhabitants to solve problems in the place of their residence.

The second series of articles focused on selected forms of engagement of the Czech population. It resulted in an article dealing with the participation in public discussion of problems; the next article dealt in more detail with the attitude of Czech inhabitants to the signing of petitions. The topic of the participation of Czech inhabitants in charitable events was processed in the form of a leaflet. The last article dealt with all surveyed forms of participation, focusing on regional differences in the engagement in individual regions.

The third series of articles focused on values and opinions of Czech inhabitants connected with the engagement on various levels. One of the articles discussed what groups of inhabitants are interested in global issues of the world rather that local issues in a municipality or region they are living in. The next article offered a view of the attitude of Czech inhabitants to taxes, and of the relationship between the attitude and the participation in events supporting public interest. The same relationship was examined also in the case of the attitude of the inhabitants to decision-making processes.

Next, the following leaflet was produced:
Engagement of the Czech Population: Participation in Voluntary Events:
The leaflet informs about the main findings of the survey. The leaflet deals with the participation of citizens in voluntary events; the analysis of data identified the differences of the surveyed phenomenon from the point of view of various groups of inhabitants.