Věra Kepková

7. 12. 2023

The Impact of Shelf Life

A significant portion of our respondents, 25%, strongly believe that extending the shelf life of food products can be a key strategy in combating food waste. […]
3. 12. 2023

Flexibility with ‘Best Before’

Our survey found that 38% of respondents believe it is sometimes acceptable to eat food past its “best before” date. This statistic highlights a nuanced understanding […]
30. 11. 2023

Perceptions of ‘Best Before’ Dates

The survey results reveal a cautious consumer attitude towards ‘best before’ dates, with only 12% feeling comfortable consuming food after these dates. This caution, while beneficial […]
26. 11. 2023

Etikety s datem spotřeby – priorita politiky

Průzkum ukázal přesvědčivou shodu ohledně významu jasného označování dat spotřeby, přičemž 87 % respondentů (“spíše ano” a “rozhodně ano”) uznává jeho úlohu při snižování plýtvání potravinami. […]
23. 11. 2023

‘Occasionally Acceptable’ Attitudes

Our survey reveals that 38% of respondents consider it “occasionally acceptable” to consume food past its “use by” date. This significant percentage reflects a flexible yet […]
19. 11. 2023

Attitudes towards ‘use by’ dates

Recent data shows that only 12% of people think it is “perfectly fine” to consume food past its “use by” date, highlighting a prevailing cautious approach […]
15. 11. 2023

Shelf-life information on packaging

In our survey, a remarkable 34% of respondents strongly agreed that clear expiration date information on food packaging would help prevent food waste. This significant statistic […]
10. 11. 2023

Decoding Health Beliefs: The Smoker vs. Non-Smoker Perspective

In the realm of health beliefs, our latest survey has revealed a fascinating contrast in the attitudes of smokers and non-smokers. As we delve deeper into […]
7. 11. 2023

The Power of Proactive Health Behaviors: A Closer Look

In the realm of health research, we are excited to reveal the complex world of personal responsibility in health. Our survey explores two statements revealing a […]
3. 11. 2023

Balancing Beliefs: Destiny vs. Personal Responsibility in Health

Health, a realm where our actions, the hand of fate, and our beliefs converge in a delicate ballet. Our journey through the intricate maze of health […]
31. 10. 2023

Exploring the Dynamics of Health Locus of Control: Personal Responsibility

Enter the exciting world of health research as we embark on a journey to uncover the fascinating dynamics of personal responsibility in health. Our survey dives […]
27. 10. 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Health Control: Where Personal Power Meets Collective Care

We are excited to share the fascinating results of our latest comprehensive survey, which delves deep into how individuals perceive their role in shaping their health. […]
24. 10. 2023

Unpacking the Significance of Democracy and System Justification

In our research, a commitment to democratic values and progress was reflected in the perceived importance of helping to develop democracy in our society. It embodies […]
20. 10. 2023

Navigating the Boundaries of Freedom and System Justification

In our research, we focused on testing the following hypothesis. Individuals with a stronger tendency toward social justification are more likely to endorse limiting people’s freedom […]
17. 10. 2023

The Quest for Local Improvement and System Justification

In our ever-evolving society, the pursuit of local improvement and community involvement is an admirable goal. It signifies a commitment to the well-being of our immediate […]
13. 10. 2023

Self-Reliance and Its Connection to System Justification

In our recent research, we looked at a statement that encapsulates the belief in individual self-reliance and personal responsibility: “Citizens should take care of their own […]
10. 10. 2023

Exploring Altruism and Its Implications for System Justification

“Help those who need help.” This statement embodies a universal principle of altruism and human kindness. But how does it intersect with System Justification Theory, which […]
6. 10. 2023

The Surprising Connection Between System Justification and Environmental Participation

System Justification Theory, a fascinating concept in the social sciences, continues to provide valuable insights into why individuals tend to maintain and legitimize existing social, economic, […]
3. 10. 2023

Exploring Willingness to Strike and System Justification

The intriguing concept of system justification theory continues to offer valuable insights into why individuals tend to maintain and legitimize existing social, economic, and political systems. […]
29. 9. 2023

Probing the Notion of Equal Rules and System Justification

System justification theory, a fascinating concept in the social sciences, continues to provide valuable insights into why individuals tend to support and legitimize existing social, economic, […]
26. 9. 2023

Navigating the Landscape of Wealth Inequality and System Justification

The notion of system justification theory continues to be a fascinating subject of study, shedding light on why individuals tend to defend and legitimize existing social, […]
22. 9. 2023

Exploring the Link Between System Justification and Obedience to Laws

In the field of social psychology, system justification theory has emerged as a powerful concept that helps us understand why individuals tend to defend and legitimize […]
19. 9. 2023

Bridging the Gap: Addressing Unmet Needs in Caregiving

The invaluable role of informal caregivers in supporting our senior family members in their natural physical and social environments cannot be overstated. However, it’s essential to […]
14. 9. 2023

Redesigning Caregiving: Empowering the Unsung Heroes

The world of caregiving is filled with unsung heroes, informal caregivers who provide invaluable support to our senior family members in their natural environment. Behind the […]
12. 9. 2023

Transforming Caregiving: A Call for Human-Centered Design

Providing informal care to our senior family members is an act of love and compassion that enables them to thrive in their natural physical and social […]
7. 9. 2023

Thrilling Updates Unveiled at the 2023 Transforming Care Conference!

It gives us great pleasure to highlight the exceptional contribution of our esteemed colleague Jiri Remr, who made a remarkable impact at the 2023 Transforming Care […]
5. 9. 2023

Unveiling the True Drivers of Frugality: It’s All About Intrinsic Choices

Ever wondered what truly drives frugality? Our recent research has brought to light a fascinating revelation about the factors influencing our frugal behaviors. The findings point […]
1. 9. 2023

Unveiling the Financial Frugality Connection: Money Mindset Matters

Economic downturns have led to a rise in frugal behavior as individuals seek to make smart choices amidst challenging circumstances. Our study reveals how external forces […]
29. 8. 2023

Unlocking the Power of Packaging: Frugality Meets Waste Prevention

Ever thought that packaging design could influence your frugality journey? Our latest research uncovers a remarkable connection between the importance attached to packaging design and frugality. […]
25. 8. 2023

Unveiling the Impact of a Simple Bag: Frugality and Eco-conscious Choice

Our latest research has uncovered a fascinating connection between frugality and environmental attitudes, focusing on a simple yet impactful behavior: bringing your own shopping bags. Our […]
22. 8. 2023

Nurturing a Greener World through Frugality: A Deep Dive into Food Waste

Let´s explore a critical nexus between frugality and environmental consciousness. Our latest research has uncovered an illuminating connection in the realm of food waste that holds […]
18. 8. 2023

Unveiling the Powerful Link between Frugality and Environmental Stewardship!

Are you passionate about positively impacting our planet while embracing a frugal lifestyle? Our latest research has uncovered an inspiring connection between frugality and environmental behavior […]
15. 8. 2023

Exciting Insights from Consumer Behavior Research!

Our recent research delves into the fascinating world of frugality, revealing some eye-opening findings that could shape the way we think about consumption. Frugality, the art […]
11. 8. 2023

Leveraging Institutional Cooperation for Global Social Impact

We are excited to share a remarkable story of institutional cooperation and knowledge exchange that took place between INESAN and the prestigious Department of Social and […]
8. 8. 2023

Unlocking the Hidden World of Recreational Fishing: A Global Quest for Sustainability and Nutrition

Calling all fishing enthusiasts and curious minds alike! Did you know that recreational fishing is not just a beloved pastime, but also a game-changer in the […]
4. 8. 2023

Health Consciousness and selected Risk Factors

The Health Consciousness Scale (HCS) not only provides valuable insights into an individual’s level of health consciousness but also allows us to examine how this construct […]
1. 8. 2023

Unveiling the Associations: Health Consciousness and Subgroup Difference

The Health Consciousness Scale (HCS) serves as a gateway to understanding the diverse nature of health consciousness among different subgroups. By exploring the mean scores of […]
28. 7. 2023

Unleashing the Power of Health Consciousness: Empowering the Well-being Journey

In our quest for well-being, health awareness is an invaluable asset. Imagine having a tool that accurately measures your consciousness and understanding of health-related issues. Enter […]
25. 7. 2023

Unveiling the Significance of Health Consciousness in Information Seeking

Let´s look at the act of searching for information on specific diseases on the Internet. The data reveals a wide range of responses, with 7.9% of […]
21. 7. 2023

Health Consciousness and Selected behavioral patterns

The statistics presented above offer intriguing insights into the behavioral patterns associated with health consciousness. Individuals who exhibit higher levels of health consciousness demonstrate a remarkable […]
18. 7. 2023

Empowering Health Care Through Enhanced Health Consciousness

Health consciousness is a vital element that shapes our well-being, influencing our attitudes and behaviors towards maintaining good health. As a psychological construct, it reflects an […]
14. 7. 2023

Valuable Research Findings: Fear of COVID-19 and its Emotional Impact

We are delighted to share the valuable findings from Jiří Remr’s research on the Fear of COVID-19 Scale (FCV-19S) and its connection to individuals’ emotional experiences. […]
11. 7. 2023

Fascinating Research Results: Significant Correlations with Attitudes and Experiences

Congratulations to Jiří Remr for uncovering fascinating correlations regarding COVID-19! This research not only enhances our understanding of fear related to COVID-19 but also provides valuable […]
7. 7. 2023

Captivating Research Findings: Significant Differences in Fear Levels Among Sub-Population

We are delighted to share the latest findings from Jiří Remr’s research on fears associated with COVID-19. The results indicate that the Fear of COVID-19 Scale […]
4. 7. 2023

Exciting Research on Fears of COVID-19: New Article Publication

We are thrilled to share the news of a recently published article by Jiří Remr titled “Psychometric Performance of the Fear of COVID-19 Scale (FCV-19S) and […]
27. 6. 2023

Exciting Highlights from the 51st Urban Affairs Association Conference in Nashville!

We are pleased to inform you that Jiri Remr shared his insightful findings in a presentation titled “Willingness of the Elderly to Participate in the Development […]
23. 6. 2023

Exciting Insights from the 78th AAPOR Conference in Philadelphia!

Our colleague Jiri Remr presented his findings in a captivating session titled “Fear of COVID-19: Who are People More Worried About, Themselves or Their Loved Ones?” […]
20. 6. 2023

Exciting News from the 78th AAPOR Conference in Philadelphia!

We are pleased to announce that our colleague Jiri Remr attended the highly anticipated 78th AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research) Conference in the beautiful […]