Quantitative methods and the COVID19-pandemic mid-term conference in Salamanca

🎤Conference spotlight: October 5.-7. Salamanca, Spain
Our colleague Jiri Remr took part in the European Sociological Association mid-term conference “Quantitative methods and the COVID19-pandemic” organized by RN21 – Quantitative methods. Researchers from all over Europe presented their contributions on e.g., measuring COVID-19 effects, changes, and challenges derived from COVID-19, and new social realities during and after the pandemia.
Jiri commented on this unique event: “I was so happy to be able to disseminate the results of my research on the impacts of COVID-19 on population. It was a lovely and educative event in one of the oldest universities in Europe.”
Last but not least, we are very appreciative of the support from OP VVV program (project CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_054/0014660 SETTING THE CONDITIONS AND ENVIRONMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL AND INTERSECTORAL COOPERATION); without it, participation in the conference would not have been possible.
Feel free to download the presentation on ResearchGate.