Aging & Social Change: Twelfth Interdisciplinary Conference in Krakow

🎤Conference spotlight:  September 22.-23. Krakow, Poland

Our colleague Jiri Remr presented his research at the 12th Interdisciplinary Conference on Aging & Social Change in Krakow.

Jiri commented on his attendance: „ Attending this conference was a real pleasure for me as I had many opportunities to meet other colleagues in the field of aging and senior care. Moreover, the conference showed to be a great platform to renew old friendships and establish new co-operations. With this, I would like to thank the organizers.“

Last but not least, we really do appreciate the support from OP VVV program (project CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_054/0014660 SETTING THE CONDITIONS AND ENVIRONMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL AND INTERSECTORAL COOPERATION); without that the participation at the conference would not be possible.

Feel free to download the presentation on ResearchGate.