Global and Local Attitudes of the Czech Population (CZ.7.01.2018.231.031)

The project focuses on the deepening of knowledge of identities and attitudes of the Czech society.  The main goal of the project is to describe the identity of the Czech society with regard to its global and national character and other attitudes connected with these concepts. Partial goals of the project include:

  • Selection of a suitable tool for the measurement of monitored identities by means of general questionnaire survey
  • Description of the global and national identity of Czech inhabitants
  • Description of the cosmopolitism and local orientation of Czech inhabitants
  • Description of relations between monitored concepts

The main results include two popularising articles Perception of Global Identity in Czech Regions and National Identity of Czechs as the Explanation of Profits of Radically Populistic (Right-Wing) Parties?
Also, leaflets focusing on particular topics were created.

Nine survey leaflets have been created so far:

Cosmopolitism – interest in foreign cultures
Interest in world events
Contact with people from foreign countries
Openness of opinions
Cosmopolitism vs Patriotism
Ethnocentrism vs openness of opinions
Cosmopolitism as an expression of desire for unique products
Impact of an individual on the situation in developing countries