Organization development

Improving the condition and the environment for the work of researchers

Project is realized under Operational programme Employment supported by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Registration number:CZ.03.1.51/0.0/0.0/17_131/0009323
Realization:August 1st 2018 – July 31th 2021
About project:The project is based on the gender audit commissioned by INESAN in 2017, which identified several areas that require changes at both strategic and personnel and organizational levels. The target group of the project are INESAN researchers and managers. The project aims to improve the working conditions and environment of researchers with regard to reconciliation of work and private life and equal opportunities in access to employment and career development.
Project goals:The project goals are: 
a) to improve the strategic management of the organization,
b) to reduce the risk of worker segregation by increasing their skills,
c) to encourage greater use of flexible working methods and improve human resource management,
d) to improve internal and external communication.

The set goals will be achieved by participatory preparation of basic documents and their gradual implementation.
Target groups:Target groups are INESAN itself as an employer and its employees. They are both managers and researchers.
Place of realization:Prague–city
Results:a) three persons working in flexible forms of work,
b) two published analytical/strategic documents:
Final Evaluation Report,
Gender Re-audit Report.
Subject:Name: INESAN, s.r.o.
ID: 24759384
Street: Sokolovská 351/25
City: Praha 8
ZIP: 186 00

Contact person: 
Ing. Jana Menšíková,,
tel.: +420 728 449 211