Ethical and sustainable practices

11. 2. 2021

Assessment of the Administration of Projects Financed by the European Funds (CZ.3.03.2014.221.013)

In November 2014, INESAN (the Institute for Evaluations and Social Analyses) conducted a survey, which examined the attitudes of the public to the issue of perception of the experience of industrial organisations with individual stages of the process of drawing subsidies from European Union structural funds.
15. 12. 2020

Evaluation of cross-cutting principles of International Development Cooperation

The goal of the two-year project was the development of a certified methodology for evaluation of crosscutting themes in the international development cooperation, namely good governance, human rights, gender equality & women/girl empowerment and environmental sustainability.
20. 10. 2020

Research and Development in Industrial Organisations in the Czech Republic (CZ.6.06.2014.221.014)

Involvement of enterprises in the research of development and innovations is a current topic not only from the point of view of the national politics and economics, but especially from the point of view of the enterprises themselves, which perceive those activities as one of the possible methods of keeping their competitive strength.
20. 10. 2020

Systems for Measurement of Performance in Czech Organisations (CZ.3.01.2012.221.002)

The systems for measurement of performance is a topic that is worth discussing for a long time already. Within the project, our attention was focused on selected areas of research, which were processed in the form of short articles.
20. 10. 2020

Buying Preferences of Czech Customers and Fair Trade (CZ.2.01.2017.221.030)

The project is a follow-up of these projects, the researched topics are supplemented with a thematic block examining various determinants of buying behaviour.