Systemic solutions in the field of healthy aging

Project ID:CZ.03.2.63/0.0/0.0/15_017/0006207
Recipient:INESAN, s.r.o.
Researcher:Mgr. Petra Ponocná, Ph.D.
Co-researchers: Ing. Mgr. Jiří Remr Ph.D., MBA
Ing. Otakar Ďurďa
Ing. Jana Menšíková
Mgr. Alice Fischerová
Mgr. Hana Gruntová-Kolingerová
Mgr. Magdaléna Wolfová
Grantor:Ministry of Labour and social affairs (MPSV)
Project period:01/2020–11/2020
Results:Final report (others)
Research report (others),
Project descripiton:This project was created within the project Implementation of the aging policy to the regional level (project registration number CZ 03.2.63./0.0/0.0/15_017/0006207). The project Implementation of Aging Policy at the Regional Level aims to systematically and methodically support the development of activities aimed at institutional provision of aging preparation policy at the national, regional and local levels in connection with the strategic document “National Action Plan Supporting Positive Aging for 2013–2017”. The purpose of this project and the final report is to contribute to the implementation of the measures of the existing NAP in the field of healthy lifestyle support, including prevention, which are being developed as one of the key measures of the new STRAPS 2018–2022 strategy and regional action plans for preparation for aging.
Research methodology:The project was based on a combination of desk research and quantitative (face to face) research. The aim of the desk research was to provide an overview of systemic solutions in the field of healthy aging in the Czech republic, Germany, Austria and Sweden and to identify the most appropriate strategy in the field of healthy aging for Czech republic.

Desk research was focused on:
– comparative analysis of the Czech, German, Austrian and Swedish models of healthy aging prevention;
– national strategies, action plans and policies related to healthy aging topic in CR, Germany, Austria and Sweden;
– Mapping examples of good practice in healthy aging in Czech republic, GErmany, Austria and Sweden;
– Statistical data search;
– Application of the principles of lifetime homes in the above countries.

Quantitative research focused on identifying barriers to healthy aging among the elderly population
Sample: 2018 respondents 65–84 years old.