IRDA – Setting the Conditions and Environment for the International and Cross-ectoral Cooperation

Supported by Operational programme Research, Development and Education supported by Ministery of Education, Youth and Sports.

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Registration number: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_054/0014660
Project realization: January 1th 2020 – December 31th 2022
About projectThe project is based on the elaborated Development Strategy of INESAN, which is focused on research organization internationalization.
Project goals  Aims of the project are: 
a) to improve the management of international cooperation,
b) create a bilingual research environment,
c) to improve cross-sectoral cooperation and the commercialization of research results,
d) to improve the presentation and networking of scientific and research activities at international level. The set goals will be achieved by participatory preparation of basic documents and their gradual implementation.
Target groups  Target groups are research and administrative emloyees of INESAN.  
Places of project realizationPrague, USA, Austria, Germany, Great Britain
SubjectName: INESAN, s.r.o.
ID: 24759384
Street: Sokolovská 351/25
City: Praha 8
ZIP: 186 00

Contact person:
Ing. Jana Menšíková,,
tel.: +420 728 449 211