Interdisciplinary Town Development Design

The project is aimed to create a software application using an extensive database analysed by an algorithm using machine learning. The purpose of the project is to create the virtual space, in which three thematic areas, i.e. natural science/landscape, social and urban planning/architectonic, will meet and produce resulting data presented e.g. in the form of statistics, maps and charts.

The resulting software will enable urban self-governments to generate results obtained through the interdisciplinary approach, which will be directly applicable both in forming a complex conception of the town development, strategic and community planning, or in visions of the development of territorial units, and in finding suitable solutions of individual problems of towns.   

Application of the project results will contribute to the so-called “intelligent urban planning” and will be important with regard to the quality of the environment and urban life.

Other results:

Publishing results:

  • The feeling that silly mistakes are made over and over again: The popularising article was aimed to outline, at least partly, the possible ways of using the artificial intelligence software, which would solve urban planning problems on the interdisciplinary level. Read the article here
  • Smart urban planning is the key to sustainable solution to the development of self-government units: The popularising article was aimed to introduce the project and possible ways of using the interdisciplinary method.  The article was intended mainly for local authorities. Article here