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27. 11. 2020

Effect of selected factors on the participation in public polls

In recent years, there has been a shift from surveys where data is obtained in interviews conducted in person by interviewers working in the field towards correspondence methods of data collection.
21. 10. 2020

Current Scientific and Research Staff in Industrial Enterprises

Using research, development and innovation (RDI) to increase competitiveness often requires businesses to establish their own research workplaces or designate employees to engage in RDI. Researchers possess scientific knowledge, abilities and skills and have innovative potential – therefore, their intellectual capital is a decisive factor in implementing RDI or competitiveness based on RDI...
20. 10. 2020

RD&I activities in industrial companies covered by in-house employees

Research, development and innovation (RD&I) activities represent an opportunity for companies to improve their competitiveness. There are various approaches that companies may take in pursuing RD&I activities. Either they use the external resources of other enterprises and outsource such activities entirely, or they allocate resources to pursue their own research, development and innovation activity.
12. 5. 2020

Use of specialised dermatologist care by person at risk of skin cancer

When it comes to skin cancer, it is a sign of caring for one’s health if people behave in a certain way, in particular if they stay in the sun for safe periods of time, avoid suntanning in sunbeds and use sunscreens. It is also a sign of interest if people visit a specialist physician when in doubt about skin marks or changes in skin condition.
22. 4. 2020

Willingness among Czech citizens to heed the recommendations of general medical practitioners

A problematic element in the relationship between medical practitioners and patients is the adherence to a prescribed treatment regimen, which may include both physical activity and relevant medication...
24. 4. 2018

Social environment of elderly people and how they spend their free time

After leaving the labor market, the social field of the elderly changes and, in some cases, the number of people with which an elderly individual comes into contact decreases. As age increases, so does the risk of isolation.
10. 12. 2016

Approaches to donation in Czechia: making donation in the street

Donating funds for a good cause is a relatively common activity in the Czech Republic. At least one half of the adult Czech population does this, along with other various forms of donation (material gifts including food and even blood donation), according to various surveys
15. 9. 2016

Living situations contributing to the risk of social exclusion among the elderly

Public sources and available documents clearly show that social exclusion causes individuals to experience an array of degrading experiences and often causes difficult living situations that lead to a decrease in an individual’s quality of life and his/her disqualification from society.
15. 8. 2016

Self-evaluation of health

Health is important for the life of every individual and its significance increases with age. The way in which the elderly view their health is reflected not only in their mobility and physical state, but also in terms of psychological perspective.
14. 8. 2016

Attitudes towards unification of criterions used for evaluation of applications

The process of evaluation of project applications for subsidies was based on the inspection of formal features of the applications submitted, an assessment of the eligibility of the projects and the material assessment of projects in the 2007–2013 programming period...
7. 7. 2016

Use and preference of social services from an elderly perspective

Social services are without a doubt an integral factor in the care for seniors in regard to social inclusion. The completed research survey focused not only on selected social services as defined by Act No. 108/2006 Coll., on social services, but also on other services that this law does not apply to.
8. 6. 2016

Evaluation of public usefulness of selected facilities

Attention is paid to selected types of facilities whose usefulness is analysed from the perspective of the general public. The article compares perceived benefits of infrastructure projects (like e.g. motorways), buildings where services for the public are provided (e.g. schools or hospitals) and private buildings that interact with the public environment (especially office buildings).
15. 4. 2016

Awareness of educational events for skin cancer prevention as a prerequisite for using specialized dermatology care

Educational projects geared towards the timely detection of skin cancer (in particular melanoma) are intended, among other goals, to make people sensitive enough to notice the symptoms of cancer and make them prevent the disease.
7. 10. 2015

Perception of a skin cancer risk among persons exposed to risk factors

There are several principal factors related to an increased risk of developing skin cancer. First, there are hereditary factors and age, and second, there is lifestyle. Exposure to sunlight, in particular if it results in sunburns, is a strong risk factor.
6. 10. 2015

Involvement of Czech citizens in training and retraining courses

As of late, further education has become an increasingly significant part of an individual’s career. Further education is a form of education for adults after they have entered the labor market, and retraining means the acquisition of new qualifications and improving, extending or deepening one’s qualifications hitherto.
23. 9. 2015

Average amount of funds donated by Czech citizens for a charity

Donations are relatively popular in the Czech Republic. Certain fundraising initiatives enjoy massive media support, and many are undertaken regularly in the streets or through charity events.
27. 8. 2015

Characteristics of Fair Trade products

Article presents the main findings from the survey conducted within the project no. CZ.2.01.2011.221.001, entitled ?Perception of Czech inhabitants to fair trade?. The main topic of the article is the extent to which consumers are interested in the origins of the goods they purchase, which constitute one of the characteristics of Fair Trade products. The analysis identifies several respondent groups differing by the intensity of their interest in the origins of the Fair Trade products they purchase. Data published in this article is based on a sample of the Czech population that was selected by quota sampling; 1,188 face-to-face interviews were conducted.
29. 7. 2015

Evaluation of the household economic situation among the elderly

One aspect in terms of care for the elderly and their ability to be socially included is the economic situation of their household. Financial means are a significant factor for their self-sufficiency and independence.
14. 6. 2015

Intensity of Czech citizens’ concerns about their own health

Key words: health, health attention, intensity of watching one’s own health Without a doubt, health is one of the most important elements in everyone’s life. In […]
6. 5. 2015

Perception among Czech citizens of individuals over the age of 50 in regard to work qualifications

The Czech population is aging quickly, and therefore the employment of the elderly is an issue that will soon need to be dealt with more intensively. However, the position of these individuals on the labor market is problematic...
18. 3. 2015

Amount of funds allocated for RD&I in industrial businesses operating in the Czech Republic

Investments in research, development and innovation (“RD&I”) represent a significant source of the further development of companies and increasing their value. Financing is one of the […]
14. 3. 2015

Positive discrimination of employees over the age of 50

The employment of elderly individuals is becoming an increasingly relevant topic, as older individuals outweigh the young as the populace ages. Life expectancy is improving and retirement ages are increasing...
14. 3. 2015

Czech citizens’ attitude to the employment of retired people

Employing persons older than 50 years is currently a hot topic. Employers’ requirements for employees are constantly increasing and keeping up with modern technologies and working methods is not always easy, especially for older employees...
19. 2. 2015

Lack of information as a barrier to the adoption of performance measurement system

The article presents the obstacles to the adoption of a performance management system, in particular the shortage of information for choosing the optimum performance management tool.
5. 2. 2014

Respondents’ interest in public poll results

The media publishes many articles based on the results of various surveys. In this respect, there is a question to what extent the public is interested in this type of news. Summarised information about the opinions and attitudes of other citizens is attractive and often practically usable feedback allowing one to confront their views with those of others.
17. 11. 2013

Usefulness of public opinion polls results

This article illustrates how the Czech inhabitants evaluate the importance and usefulness of public opinionpolls results. It also expresses the level of importance that citizens attach to the results.
5. 11. 2013

The Social Gravity of Corruption from the Perspective of Czech Citizens

In the context of corruption, the offering or providing of bribes is a crucial issue. Bribes are defined by Czech law as “unauthorized advantages consisting in direct asset enrichment or another profit ”. In this respect, the attitude of the public towards both forms of corrupt behavior, i.e. the offering and acceptance of bribes, is worthy of attention.